Jadyn Fred Foundation

The Axmen is proud to donate all proceeds from Grill Your Ax Off tickets to the Jadyn Fred Foundation.

The Jadyn Fred Foundation was established May 25, 2001. Jadyn was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. Her condition, Pancreatoblastoma, was only one of two clinically identified cases of its type on record. The other case, 20 years earlier, was that of a young woman in the Seattle area; not another case could be found for reference of treatment throughout the US.

Since her cancer was so rare Jadyn required specialized treatment from a team of doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The dedicated specialists and state-of-the-art facility offered Jadyn something that any parent would want for their child, the hope of being a cancer survivor. Over the course of three years, our countless visits to Children’s Hospital allowed us an opportunity to view a world that we scarcely knew existed.

Jadyn’s strength, resilience and spirit prevailed in the face of multiple, complicated surgeries. Chemotherapy and radiation along with follow-up treatments for extended periods of time became familiar experiences for Jadyn.

The Community Hospital and St. Patrick Hospital of Missoula, MT often helped with the follow-up treatments as prescribed in Seattle. The doctors, nurses and staff of all the hospitals provided superb help in every way possible.

Jadyn was a special person to everyone who had the opportunity of knowing her. The purpose of the Jadyn Fund is to emulate her kind and caring ways by providing assistance to children who have needs just like those needs that Jadyn and her family faced.